Light Habit Photography Pricing Information:


Commissioned work


Simple portraits (ambient light or single light setups) - $100 and up. Includes hosting files on Google Drive or Light Habit's site, your choice. 

Not So Simple (multiple people and/or complex lighting) - $180 and up. Includes hosting files on Google Drive or Light Habit's site, your choice. 

Seniors - $250, prepay here (NSHS Vikings $200, prepay here) includes up to two hours of shooting (one location change of you'd like, unlimited wardrobe changes, but they count as shoot time), prepping and submission of yearbook image. Proofs will be hosted in a secure Google Drive folder. Finals will be hosted in a password protected folder on this site. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DEADLINES: The desired yearbook image must be selected 7 days before the school's due date so that I have time to finalize editing and proof approval by parents/student prior to school deadline.  

Pinup style - $200 and up. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to be part of the process.

Weddings - $1400 and up. Because your wedding is an extremely important day and one that cannot be duplicated, please contact me for a short consultation. 

Places & Things

Product images (normal & macro available) - $60/hour for first hour, $40/hour each additional hour (15 min increments) includes color balanced print ready CMYK files.

Real Estate - $125/hour for first hour, $60/hour each additional hour (15 min increments) includes color balanced print ready CMYK files.


Charity and Time-for-Prints

I am happy to help provide local charities with photography services for their non-profit needs. Please contact me directly for more information.

Occasionally I have  personal projects that need a particular subject (building, car, person). This is usually done as "Time-For-Prints" work. The concept for models is explained here, but I find it applies equally well for buildings and cars.


CD Guidelines, Image Destination, and number of prints

I provide files suitable for sharing on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and printing 3x5 or 4x6 prints. These files will be distributed via cloud services (Google Drive or simialar). Please remember these files will not be suitable for large prints such as 8x12 and larger). Large prints may be ordered directly from this site. High resolution files suitable for prints larger than 8x10 are available for an additional charge, and include a release so that you may print them at the lab of your choosing.  Thank you. 

Images will be posted in password protected album on this site. Prints may be ordered directly from this site, or contact me for editing requests or special orders.

During a shoot it is normal to capture upwards of 100 images or more in an hour (wedding shoots can exceed 1,500 images). Many of these may not meet my criteria for publishing. Please note I do not deliver the complete set of "out-of-camera" files from a shoot, nor do I offer "shoot-n-burn" services.


Copyright and Printing

My prices are based on the creative and production needs of the shoot, expenses, and the terms we agree upon for use. 

Photographs are the intellectual property of Light Habit Photography. Much like software or a book, you can purchase the use of the image, but Light Habit owns the original files. Print sales and web use of my photos is part of how I generate income. The fees for a specific shoot are based on the use of the images.  The more the images are used, the greater value they have.
As a general rule, files for social media sites and 4x6 prints are complimentary. Please do not use these files to create large format prints or digital images. Use of these images to create larger prints will result in a poor quality product. Please use the print options on this site for larger prints. I have done my best to price them reasonably, and you will enjoy the superior quality of prints created at a professional lab.
Mike McClelland
Light Habit Photography